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Wellbeing Programs

Navigating Difference

Location: In-person, Virtual or Hybrid

Duration: 4 x 90 min

Cadence: Weekly


Navigating Difference with Mindfulness supports individual and team engagement in conversations at the intersection of story, class, identity, and power. Using the support of mindfulness practice and other somatic strategies, participants engage in challenging conversations that have the potential to connect us more deeply to the interdependence and compassion at the core of human experience.

Program Content

  • An introduction to the dimensions of difference within ourselves, and our communities

  • Training in mindfulness and somatic strategies to maintain emotional response awareness

  • Cultivation of deeper compassion for reactivity, fears and ‘shadow’ spaces

  • Increased self-knowledge of what helps maintain presence during times of disequilibrium, or discomfort with others’experiences

Additional Information

For session details, agendas & more download the program PDF or reach out to our team.

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