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Offsites & Onsites

YOL Offsites & Onsites offer a unique opportunity for teams to reconnect in nature, engage in impactful service opportunities, and improve wellbeing. Choose one of three content options to align with your team’s focus or let us co-create a custom leadership experience with you onsite or offsite.


Teams are increasingly prioritizing connection-building as a strategy to enhance performance and impact, YOL Offsites & Onsites offer three paths to reach your goals.

For groups interested in working side-by-side to make a meaningful contribution together, we offer a Mindful ServiceTM opportunity different from any wellbeing or volunteer day you’ve experienced.

Teams looking to strengthen trust, deepen connection, or adapt to a new configuration may choose the Trust & Belonging program, designed to reduce stress by humanizing work relationships.

For those seeking new practices to integrate into their team’s repertoire we offer experiential Learning Explorations of topics like these:

  • Flow for Peak Performance

  • Practicing Mindful Leadership

  • Working Together with Purpose

  • Cultivating Executive Presence & Personal Brand

  • Developing Capacity for Navigating Difference

  • Building Team Synergy

  • Embodying Leadership Beyond Gender

  • Activating Regenerative Leadership

*Note that the topic for any Learning Explorations program is selected based on your team’s goals, business objectives, or desired learning; it is woven throughout the entire day’s program.

These programs introduce Somatic Strategies, research-based practices used to self-regulate the nervous system in crisis, and build resilience over time. Somatic Strategies are an important part of YOL’s approach to leadership and wellbeing because they help people align their actions and their values.

We also often utilize Predictive Index behavioral assessment tools to help teams understand how to tailor their reactions to suit each other’s preferences and enable more effective communication. This understanding can help bridge gaps between different personalities, ensuring that everyone feels heard and understood.

YOL Offsites & Onsites are immersive and experiential. Participants have the freedom to choose how they want to engage in the multi-day retreats, which often take place in beautiful natural settings. The experiences offer activities such as yoga and meditations in nature, wine-tasting, campfires, and sunrise hikes, along with healthy organic meals.


Mindful Service

Impact & Outcomes

  • Increased motivation and teamwork through shared service opportunities

  • Capacity for greater compassion and empathy

  • Increased performance through deeper empathy in team environment

  • Reduced stress and renewed energy

  • Greater commitment to service through awareness

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Trust & Belonging

Impact & Outcomes

  • Direct experience of connection between team members

  • Better understanding of how to foster an honest and trusting environment at work

  • Establishing a physiological foundation for trust

  • Recognition of and appreciation for the value of interdependence

  • Clarity on how trust is foundational to collaboration & creativity


Learning Explorations

Impact & Outcomes

  • Exposure to valuable new concepts for your team

  • Experiential anchors that support uptake and integration

  • Shared conversation about the best uses of these learnings

  • Refreshed purpose and desire for application


Designed to address specific growth OBJECTIVES

Interested in a custom-designed program for your company or team? Tell us a bit more about your vision and we will take care of the rest! Contact us for more information.

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How It Works

You can purchase any YOL program individually, but if you strategically purchase bundles of YOL programs to be utilized across your organization in a given year, you can save 20% or more. Examples below:

Small Bundle

Company-wide program for individual contributors to leadership teams.

Annual subscription covers a minimum of 120 employees.

  • 3 Single Day Programs

  • 3 Wellbeing Workshops

Medium Bundle

Manager-level program for senior managers to senior directors and above.

Annual subscription covers a minimum of 120 employees.

  • 2 Wellbeing Workshops

  • 2 Wellbeing Cohort Programs

  • 2 Leadership Intensives

Large Bundle

Company-wide program for individual contributors to leadership teams.

Annual subscription covers a minimum of 240 employees.

  • 3 Single Day Programs

  • 3 Wellbeing Workshops

  • 3 Wellbeing Cohort Programs

  • 3 Leadership Intensives

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