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Wellbeing Programs

Mindful Movement

Location: In-person, Virtual or Hybrid

Duration: 4 x 60 min sessions

Cadence: Weekly


In this course, we explore the embodied experience of mindfulness as a foundation for resilience (and the self-regulation of the nervous system it often demands).

Practicing mindfulness together during class, we will experience a range of ways to engage whole-body awareness as we move through simple poses, postures, and dynamic gestures.

Practicing in the contexts of everyday life (in between classes), we will observe the situations that challenge us to maintain mindfulness.

You will experiment with regulating your nervous system using the dynamic body poses and somatic strategies offered, in order to see which help you maintain full presence in those moments of challenge.

Willingness to practice daily and explore what works well for you is the only prerequisite!

Program Content

  • Mindfulness & Maintaining Presence

  • Posture & Pose

  • Standing & Walking

  • Dynamic Movement & Release

Additional Information

For session details, agendas & more download the program PDF or reach out to our team.

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