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Wellbeing Programs

Mental Fitness for Teams

Location: In-person, Virtual or Hybrid

Duration: 90 min

Cadence: Once


Ancient wisdom meets modern-day mental fitness in this 90-minute session that leaves attendees with personalized systems to train their minds to work for them, not against them. The program focuses on designing personalized and preventative mental fitness along with techniques to defuse in-the-moment emotionally charged and high-stress situations.

Content is grounded within the Socratic Method, a style of thought that has stood the test of time dating back to the 5th century BCE. Through empowering questions and proven mental fitness practices, teams will be guided through sessions to release (and prevent) mental tension, clear mental clutter, and expand thinking.

Program Content

  • Guided breathwork to reset, calm and level-set

  • Introduction to mental fitness & preventative mental fitness

  • Reflective exercise identifying where mental fitness can best be used

  • Establishing morning priming routines & practices

  • “In-the-moment” mental fitness for high-stress situations

  • Gratitude experiential practice

  • Questions & discussion

Additional Information

For session details, agendas & more download the program PDF or reach out to our team.

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