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Wellbeing Programs

Foundations of Resilience

Location: In-person, Virtual or Hybrid

Duration: 6 x 60 min sessions

Cadence: Weekly


A combination of theory, experiential practices, and practical applications, this course provides individuals with essential material for thriving in today’s volatile and uncertain times. The community we build together over six weeks fosters a deeper sense of connection, growth in communication, and greater compassion, in service of wellbeing. A mindfulness program that enhances wellbeing, reduces stress, and fosters resilience.

Program Content

  • A range of experiential practices based on research and theory behind mindfulness as a key to working with stress anduncertainty

  • Experiential mindfulness practices to connect mind-body and reduce stress, based on research and theory behind stress

  • Presentation of research and theory behind why stress is the dragon of modern times, (and how we can reduce it), byworking with the neurobiology of emotions

  • Supported by real-world examples, daily practices, applications, and tools

Additional Information

For session details, agendas & more download the program PDF or reach out to our team.

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