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Financial Wellbeing

Location: In-person, Virtual or Hybrid

Duration: 2-hr workshop.

Cadence: Once


It is impossible to truly support employee wellbeing without addressing the psychological and emotional components of financial wellbeing. Money talk is taboo in U.S. culture, which only makes it harder to address the root causes of financial stress. Regardless of earnings or wealth status, a healthy money mindset is critical to achieving overall wellbeing.

This program presents a unique opportunity for employers to equip employees with fundamental knowledge and tools at a time when support is limited and many employees still fail to fully utilize benefits available to them.

An entire body of research from the American Psychological Association demonstrates that money and finances have significant and detrimental effects on mental health and productivity. Most employees have few resources available to help them address the root causes of why they find themselves in financial quandaries, and lack tools for identifying and disrupting the drivers of financial stress.

Program Content

  • Building awareness around their relationship with money

  • Completing a Money Styles assessment exercise

  • Naming how they are affected in work and life by their money stories

  • Using the HEARTS method to explore ways that money can become a tool to articulate and pursue their purposeful path in life

Additional Information

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