Invest in the power of a shared purpose

YOL’s learning experiences typically include direct-service rooted in YOL’s Mindful Service curriculum. Participants are energized by awareness of an authentic shared purpose, continuously driven by an ethos of joy and renewed commitment.

YOL’s approach to service puts mindful awareness at the center.

Self-Awareness and Education
Self-Awareness and Education

Looking within is the start of meaningful service work that can challenge rather than reinforce assumptions: “Why do I want to volunteer?” or “Who do I think I’m helping, and how do we differ?”

Direct Service Projects
Direct Service Projects

Empowered with our collective skills and knowledge, we engage in on-site service projects geared towards meeting the immediate needs and long-term goals of our partner organizations.


Sharing our insights from the experience, we consider and discuss themes like: “How can we continue to support the needs of this community we’ve connected to in a meaningful way?”


Service Within

Enterprise-wide, peer-to-peer service program that promotes acts of service, kindness and compassion between employees. Proprietary digital platform connects employees offering and needing help with tasks, mentorship, and resources.

Service Within

Select YOL Service Partners

YOL partners with nonprofit organizations that address and respond to real needs in the community, demonstrate impactful change, and have staying power — either through longevity or depth of impact.


Forget Me Not Farm

Since 1992, Forget Me Not Farm has helped thousands of at-risk children and youth break the cycle of abuse. The farm offers animal-assisted and horticultural therapeutic activities that provide a haven for children, plants and animals to bond, learn and heal with one another. YOL volunteers are laying the groundwork for Forget Me Not Farm’s first Farm Stand: a project providing employment training and opportunities to at-risk foster youth from harvest to sales.

Happy woman holding a baby goat.

Interested in being a Service Partner?

YOL partners with organizations that identify, respond and make impactful change in their communities. We align with nonprofits making deep and lasting changes.

Additional evaluation criteria include the following. If your organization fits this description, please email us at [email protected]

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