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Compassion, connection, and collaboration are the core of every modern organization’s success. Empathetic and generous leaders inspire innovation and joy and foster a culture of learning and fulfillment. YOL elevates human-centered leadership and provides a new pathway for success in the new world of work.

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Why It Matters

Recent studies by the Harvard School of Public Health and the NIH emphasize the need for a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that encompasses both physical and mental health, as well as the wholeness of person.

Building on this research, six key pillars of wellbeing have been identified. We’ve introduced a seventh: Ecological Wellbeing.



What sensations am I feeling? Are my body’s needs being met in a way that supports my optimum function & flow?


What level of mental activity is right for me now? How is my ability to focus? Am I growing and meeting goals?


Am I aware of the emotions that I’m experiencing as they unfold? Do I have support in expressing my feelings?


Am I nurturing high-quality connections with others? Do I set healthy boundaries when engaging interpersonally?


(also called Spiritual Wellbeing) What gives me purpose in life? Are my actions aligned with my purpose?


What are my relationships like with the world? How am I contributing to the living systems I’m part of?


How is my financial situation linked to my well-being? Do I use resources in alignment with my values?


“I can’t imagine anyone not feeling more connected to themselves, more passionate about what their work is and more ready to go.”
Karen Hershenson
Learning Development Leader, Innovation
“My experience with YOL taught me to stretch personally and professionally while continuing to be my authentic self.”
Elizabeth Pierce
Former Director of Learning + Development
“It was an outstanding experience with a great bunch of people. I was asked to reflect on my experience, which stretched that soul-satisfying feeling a few more days.”
Robert Mayer
Senior Systems Specialist
“I was amazed at how open and vulnerable the group was and how open and vulnerable I was…it was eye-opening.”
Michelle Dakin
Senior Talent and Experience Lead
“The YOL programs enable you to learn and practice mindful leadership and become more self-aware mentally and physically.”
Beth Steinberg
Senior Vice President, People and Talent
“The integration of the learning opportunities, the physical activities, the felt like a wholistic approach to learning.”
Elizabeth Romanoff
Former EVP of People and Culture

Leadership is not about titles, positions or work hours. It’s about relationships.

Jim Kouzes

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