YOL Named One of Top 50 Wellness Products of 2016

This article was published by Berkeley Well-Being Institute. See full article here.

Which wellness products and tools are actually effective at keeping us happy and healthy?There are few regulations in the wellness industry and no real requirement for wellness companies to make products that deliver real positive impacts. With so many wellness products making un-tested claims, it can be especially hard to find quality products.

Below is our list of the top 50 wellness products in 2016:

1. Products from the Greater Good Science Center. Learn the science of a meaningful life.

2. Moti. A smart companion that helps you build better habits.

3. Knack. Giving people across the globe the power to discover their potential and find job opportunities that fit their strengths.​

4. AirBnB Experiences. Coordinating experiences and adventures to help people live more fulfilling lives.

5. Ginger.io. Offering support, guidance, therapy, and medication support from professional coaches, licensed therapists, and psychiatrists.

6. Urban Kick. Get a great workout with cardio-based kickboxing. Simultaneously strengthen your memory by memorizing and practicing a series of moves.

7. Fair Indigo. Organic clothing that limits exposure to toxic chemicals.

8. Thrive market. Eat healthier by finding all your health food staples in one place and online. 9. Core Reboot. Decrease anxiety with virtual reality relaxation. Read more>> ​

10. Happify. Overcome stress and negative thoughts by building resilience.

11. Positive Neural Networks Flashcards. Help your kids develop positive neural connections that last for a lifetime.

12. The Happiness Skills Workbook. Practice the skills you need to optimize your happiness.

13. Headspace. See what meditation can do for you.

14. HeartMath. Measure and get in tune with your breathing. Breathe. Measure. Thrive.

15. Origins. Beautiful air quality monitor.​

16. Personal Zen. Increase resilience in just a few minutes per day with this game app.

17. Positive Computing. Designing technology to support well-being and human potential.

18. Sensie. Helping you trust your own intuition.

19. Sun Sprite. Improve your energy, sleep, and mood by tracking the light around you.

20. Spire. Breathe better. Live Better. Track your breathing patterns.

21. The Machine to be Another. Helping people see the world through others' eyes.

22. Mojo. Helping you practice gratitude more frequently.​

23. Vinaya. Keep your smartphone out of sight and out of mind so you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

24. Mindful.org. Helping you take time for what really maters.

25. Yol. Nourishing experiences for extraordinary people to recharge, reset, and give back.

26. BetterHelp. Affordable, private online counseling.

27. Sense by Hello. Helping you monitor your sleep so you know when you sleep well and when you don't. 

28. Greater Good in Action. Science-based practices for a meaningful life.

29. The Foundations of Wellbeing. Dr. Rick Hanson helps you hard wire happiness into your brain.

30. Life Re-imagined. Stripping away negativity in favor of thankfulness to let a light in that can brighten every part of your life.

31. PACT Apparel. Limit your exposure to toxic dyes, pesticides, and chemicals when you buy clothes from PACT.

32. DeShawn Marie Handmade Soap. Limit your daily exposure to cancer causing chemicals by using natural organic soap.

33. Sugaring Products by the Brown Sugar Shop. Stop waxing with harsh chemicals and instead try sugaring to remove unwanted hair.

34. Pappus Wool Clothing. High quality, handmade clothes from natural linen and wool.​

35. Lumo Lifts. An app that acts like a coach to improve your posture.

36. Lighting Science. Creating lighting that works with your body.

37. The Quiz Book for Couples. Get to know your partner better with games, quizzes, and rewards.​

38. Storymatic. Create and remember the stories that make your life magical.

39. Happier. Celebrate the good around you.

40. Mindbloom. Making life improvement accessible to everyone.

41. AtMyBest. Discover who you are at your best.

42. SuperBetter. Increase resilience - the ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic even in the face of difficult obstacles.

43. My Brain Solutions. Know and train new brain habits.

44. 3C Institute. Products and services to improve social, emotional, and behavioral health among kids and teens.

45. The Love Game. Helping you fall, or fall deeper, in love.​

46. Three Pebble Press. Inspiring books that support health and wellness of families and schools.

47. Halo. Use brain stimulation to help improve your body's response to training.

48. Akili. Video game wellness tools.​

49. Zumba. A fun and social way to get active.

50. Zombies, Run! Run in the real world. Become a hero in another.

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