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Who We Work With and Why

YOL partners with organizations that:

• Address/respond to real needs in the community

• Demonstrate measurable, effective, positive change

• Have staying power — either through the years or through depth of impact


Additional criteria we examine include:

Organizational Fitness: Whether they have been reviewed by an outside body for their efficacy, reliability, or other criteria that may help us assess long-term viability.
Financial Snapshot: How their money has been used in the past and can it be verified by public or internal financial reports. This gives us a breakdown of how the organization gathers and allocates its resources.
Programs: What areas they work in, how long they have been there and how connected they are to the local community. We’re looking to see if their programs align with their mission and whether any programmatic reviews might be available.
Communication: How they effectively communicate with their constituencies, with us and with the outside world, through in-person, website, social media presence, press etc.
Recognition: When possible, YOL chooses organizations that have received recognition for their impact and reliability.