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Wellbeing Programs for Hybrid and Remote Teams

Growth, connection, and wellbeing are important for your people, now more than ever.

  • Work more efficiently and effectively
  • Align and adapt to a changing organizational strategy
  • Feel better – Perform better – Grow better

No matter where your team is, YOL can help

  • Affordable 4-8 week programs for teams and individual contributors
  • Accessible, varied programs designed for people at all levels
  • Offered synchronously, asynchronously, or in blended formats to accommodate global workforces

Built for today’s world with tools that work now.

  • Integrate somatic (mind/body) practices with learning and service engagement
  • Designed to meet people where they are
  • Using evidence-based practices with sustained impact

Prioritizing team wellbeing is essential during this Hybrid era. Enter YOL.

By helping people attain “flow”, the optimal state for learning and peak performance, YOL gives professionals access to the tools they need to be better leaders, and activate and sustain their best performances.

  • I would recommend this program
  • I will use what I learned
  • The program was valuable to me
  • Delivery by facilitators was effective

Key Outcomes

Proven strategies. Measurable results.

Since 2014, YOL has been supporting leaders and their teams with impactful programs that increase compassion, performance, and productivity.

Give your team the tools they need to thrive.

YOL’s wellbeing programs increase confidence and resiliency, giving organizations and employees the insights and abilities to perform at their best no matter what they face.

Prioritizing wellbeing is essential during this Hybrid era. YOL offers tried-and tested programs that are low on time commitment, high on results.

YOL Wellbeing Programs



Foundations of Resilience

(6-weeks, 60 minutes, once weekly)

A mindfulness program that enhances wellbeing, reduces stress, and fosters resilience, this course offers a combination of theory, experiential practices, and practical applications.

The community we build together over six weeks fosters a deep sense of connection, communication, common humanity, and compassion.

Mindful Leadership

Introduction to Mindful Leadership

(8-weeks, 60 minutes, once weekly)

An introductory exploration of the content covered at greater depth within the 12-month YOL Mindful Leadership Cohort program, focusing on four key areas:

  • Using neuroscience principles to guide how we lead and communicate
  • Exploring mindfulness, presence, and the value of trust
  • Aligning your authentic style with emerging dynamic leadership models
  • Activating the power of joy and compassion at work

Learning for Good

Mindful Service: Learning for Good

(4-weeks, 60 minutes, once weekly plus 1:1 coaching)

Shared service engagement can have profound and long-lasting effects on a professional team. When volunteers step out of their routines and come together to work toward a common altruistic goal, this broadens perspective and cultivates a sense of purpose. This program includes interactive discussions on why we serve, a hands-on volunteering project sent to each person’s home, a local community-based volunteering experience, and group problem-solving.

Learn more about Mindful Service™ in our white paper, Mindful Service Transforms the Workplace

Somatic Strategies

Somatic Strategies

(6-weeks, 30-45 minutes, once or twice weekly)

Embodiment and mindful movement exercises with techniques to help participants learn how to manage stress by regulating their nervous system.

Wellbeing Reflections, Check-ins, and Implementation Coaching

Want ongoing support to make the learning stick? Our experience leads will facilitate short, weekly check-ins to ensure success and long-term impact. We can also implement a Peer Learning program through our partner, Circles.

Select YOL Facilitators

Our world class team of experience leaders, facilitators and, human capital experts are passionate about helping leaders and teams perform their best.

Zanette Johnson PhD – Facilitator, YOL Director of Learning

Zanette Johnson PhD, YOL’s Director of Learning, helps teams increase engagement, wellbeing, and effectiveness, as they bring their shared values to life. Drawing upon her background as a neuroscientist and her 25 years as a mindfulness practitioner, Zanette teaches leaders to stay relaxed and consistent as they build alignment between their daily actions, shared values, and future goals.

Dr. Johnson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and Religious Studies, a Master’s in Teaching, and a doctoral degree from Stanford University’s transdisciplinary “Learning Science and Technology Design” program.

David Perls Facilitator

David Perls – Facilitator

David Perls is an executive coach, mindfulness teacher, and leadership facilitator. After spending the first half of his career in senior strategy roles at eBay and Landor, David’s work today is focused on enhancing conscious leadership through mindfulness. His clients include Airbnb, Uber, Cisco, Sephora, LVMH, Fitbit, REI, Dropbox, Adobe, Asana, Intuit, Supercell, J&J, Whole Foods Market, Levi’s, the San Francisco Giants, Stanford University, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Forest Service Department, and the Nature Conservancy.

David graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and is a Certified MBSR Teacher through the Brown University School of Public Health.

Jason Gant – Facilitator & Experience Lead

A YOL facilitator and experience leader, Jason is an adversity, mental skills training, and mindfulness coach with 10+ years of experience working with students, athletes, and collegiate teams. A learning designer and experience curator, Jason’s philosophy promotes and supports healthy and inclusive communities and workplaces.

A U.C. Berkeley graduate, Jason is a Behavioral Health Educator at Kaiser Permanente, where he created the first children and teen mindfulness program, and is a certified teacher of the Search Inside Yourself Institute.

Melissa Andrada – Facilitator & Experience Lead

Melissa is a strategy consultant, leadership coach, motivational speaker and facilitator who is passionate about collaborating with diverse leaders and teams to drive inclusion and transformation at scale.

As a queer Filipina American born in Nigeria who came to the States as an undocumented immigrant, Melissa brings an interdisciplinary, multicultural approach to the workplace where creativity, diversity, and strategy intersect.


A social impact company, YOL delivers transformative learning experiences that blend wellbeing training and mindfulness-based service engagement as a unique foundation for more effective leadership development.

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