YOL Wellbeing Programs for Intact Teams Working from Home

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YOL Leadership Intensives

Deeply explore particular themes such as mindful leadership, team alignment, and working with greater purpose over the course of several days together. These intensives provide space to reflect, grow and include meaningful shared impact through a local service experience. They can be customized to address specific business objectives. And there’s data supporting the impact they can have on your team.

Themed discussions enhance capabilities and insights around particular targeted topics
tree Develop connections with the inspiring organizations while collaborating on their most vital projects
Enhance wellness with new habits of mind and body for stability, focus and resilience
Cost-effective gatherings at top destinations, eco-retreat centers and luxury resorts worldwide
Can accommodate 15-30 people


Possible Topics

Mindful Leadership
 Build foundational understanding of the power of body/brain states to influence collaboration, connection and trust within your team.

Executive Presence
Enhance authenticity of interactions. Examine micro- and macro-behaviors and how they’re perceived. Understand the neurobiology of social interactions and how own engagement aligns.

Balancing Team Dynamics
Embrace the diversity of orientations and mindsets across a team. Discover advantages in individuals’ complementary approaches. Engender team-wide respect and inspiration to succeed together.

Pre-Strategic Planning
Get in the right neural zone for innovation. Create space and security for deep and open exchanges. Prepare to win with healthy approaches to discussion, listening, resolution and commitment.

Cohesive Alignment
Weigh objectives with individual and group behavioral styles. Assess team trust, accountability, conflict engagement and decision making. Develop new, shared vision and commitment to goals.

Adaptive Growth
Improve emotional intelligence about self and others. Healthy reflection on what works and where there’s room for growth. Stay resilient while committing to change, monitoring effectiveness and adapting new approaches.