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2021 YOL Mindful
Cohort (Postponed until 2022)
Beginning Q4 2021

Today’s leaders are facing a rapidly changing business landscape with greater uncertainty than ever before. Top CEOs are recognizing that mindfulness is a leadership superpower that enables leaders to show up as their best selves in moments of crisis, and attain the results they desire.


In 2020, YOL is introducing the first-of-its-kind, yearlong Mindful Leadership Cohort Experience. The program gives professionals access to the tools they need to activate and sustain their best performances.

The blended experiential curriculum addresses key challenges executives and emerging leaders face on a daily basis and ignites growth through self-regulation practices, mindfulness training, and neuroscience-based strategies.

YOL’s distinct approach to development integrates somatic training and mindfulness-based service engagement, enabling participants to experience “flow,” the optimal state for learning and peak performance.

Individual and team metrics provide an opportunity to track your own growth, as well as your team’s progress through the duration the program and beyond.

The cohort takes place over the course of a year, and includes quarterly two-day retreats, six online moderated sessions, and a curriculum of self-directed and peer learning.



Key themes of the Mindful Leadership Cohort Experience include:

  • Learning neuroscience principles that guide how we lead and communicate
  • Exploring mindfulness, presence, and the value of trust
  • Aligning your authentic style with emerging leadership models of the future
  • Navigating change with steadiness, transparency, and agility
  • Activating the power of joy and compassion at work


Thinking about change is very different than enacting it, which takes many cycles of experience to build. By learning self-regulation through mindfulness, leaders can better focus in a high-intensity workplace culture, and effortlessly adapt to marketplace changes.

The skill to respond intentionally (rather than react unconsciously) is developed through awareness and practice with peers.

The YOL experience delivers the knowledge you need—about your brain, nervous system and communication patterns—to empower you to show up as a leader who acts in alignment with your values and gets better results.

Cohort members will grow their capacity to:

Develop Awareness

Enhance management of personal and professional stress

Reduce Reactivity

Increase responsiveness in the moment of choice

Implement Strategy

Make your leadership vision and commitments a living reality


Increase Trust

Gain the rewards of building trust within your team and organization

Deepen Relationships

Create meaningful connections within the cohort for lasting benefit


Sample Course Schedule


Q4 2021
Olema House, Olema, CA
  • Online Intro Session
  • Retreat 1: The Neuroscience of Leadership & Relationship
  • Online Session 1: “Vantage Points” Exercise

Q1 2022
(exact dates TBD)
  • Retreat 2: Deep Dive into Mindfulness Origins,Experience and Benefits
  • Online Session 2: “Values & Core Commitments” Exercise

Q2 2022
(exact dates TBD)
  • Retreat 3: Bringing Joy to Work—Exploring the Power of Intrinsic Satisfaction
  • Online Session 3: “Structuring Success Within” Exercise

Q3 2022
(exact dates TBD)
  • Retreat 4: Change Leadership & Mindful Communication
  • Online Session 4: “Activating Your Archetypes” Exercise

Q4 2022
(exact dates TBD)
  • Online Session 5: Reflections and Next Steps on the Journey
  • Single-Day Retreat: Synthesis & Closing Celebration




01 Included in the program

  • 4 quarterly 2-day retreats and 1 single-day retreat
  • 6 moderated online learning sessions plus quarterly peer learning circles
  • 25 hours of YOL’s signature Mindful Leadership Cohort curriculum
    Online curriculum, housed learning assets (e.g. articles, videos, guides, book chapters, and a managed discussion forum)
  • Optional daily yoga and meditation sessions to recharge body and mind
  • Accommodations for 2 days and nights at each face-to-face gathering
  • Optional coaching packages for individuals and teams.

02 Cost

All inclusive price/person includes all programming, materials, room and board for quarterly retreats at Olema House, in Olema, CA and Indian Springs Resort, in Calistoga, California. Contact [email protected] or 415.480.4676 for more specific pricing.

03 Accommodations

Quarterly retreats will be held at Olema House, in West Marin County, rated the #1 hotel in Northern California for 2019 by Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice, and at Indian Springs Resort, a majestic resort about 75 minutes from San Francisco in Calistoga. Premium accommodations will be offered as a supplement. Shared accommodations will be offered as a discount.

A social impact company, YOL delivers transformative learning experiences that blend wellbeing training and mindfulness-based service engagement as a unique foundation for more effective leadership development.

The Mindful Leadership Cohort Experience may be right for you or your team if:
  • You’re ready to evolve your leadership practices.
  • You’re working to align your actions as a leader with your company’s values and/or culture.
  • You value learning experiences with an outstanding group of peers.
  • Your team or organization is experiencing change and you want to be prepared to guide them.
  • You know deep inside there’s a better way to get the results you want.
Interested? Email [email protected] or call 415.480.4676 to
schedule a discovery meeting today.

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